Michael Moriatis

......is a member of the International Cinematographers Guild Local 600. Michael is as versatile as they come when it comes to photography, having a proven track record in everything from breaking news, sports, portraits, the entertainment industry and even the military. Growing up as an Air Force brat, he spent his childhood years skipping around to a multitude of places including Germany, California, Hawaii, Arkansas and Texas.

He got his first camera as a freshman in high school, and since then has developed his passion into a successful career. Currently, he focuses on the entertainment industry and has accumulated over 65 film and television credits. He has shot on set for the high octane film Kill Speed , from Bass Entertainment.

Kill Speed producer Deanna Shapiro states that "Michael was a wonderful asset to our production crew. He is talented and has an amazing eye. Michael captured everything and more... Incredible photos."

He's worked with a variety of talent in the industry. 

"Michael has an amazing eye! He captures beautiful and honest moments on film.  We have so many shots to choose from for our marketing materials which is never the norm. I can't wait for our next film so I can see what he does next. Anyone working with Michael is working with a consummate professional," Producer Anna Zielinski raved about after having him work on the Pure Flix feature, This is Our Time.

"Great production stills, great galleries and he's great to have around on set - Mike is the total package!” Producer Nancy Leopardi states after having him work on 7 of her films.


He also still freelances in newspapers, where he was once full-time before deciding to focus on entertainment. As a staff photographer for the Santa Barbara News-Press, he drew extensive praise for his work shooting sports and breaking news under intense deadline pressure.

Rafael Maldonado, the photo editor at the paper, said "Mike is a hard worker, and his understanding of light, timing with action and ability to work with people is top-notch."

Michael understands that each client and production have different needs. He uses the latest Sony Mirrorless Cameras. The Sony Mirrorless System greatly expands the type of shots that can be captured due to not being hindered by a sound blimp.

Michael has worked in Peru, Ireland and several states in the U.S. and is available to travel on short notice.